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There are a lot of questions about Smart Cities.
Below we have answered some of the most common questions we receive about Smart Cities and the LPN-16.

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The LPN-16 is a small cell that allows carriers to insert their network cards to quickly implement 5G networks. Cities can also run their public safety channels and public Wi-Fi through the LPN-16 as well, if they so wish. This patented technology allows all carriers to co-exist on the same light pole in a small cell, without multiple boxes.

The LPN-16 is carrier neutral. That means it works with all four of the major carrier networks without needing any additional technology. It can also work with 4G, LTE, and upcoming 5G networks without a problem. This provides carrier’s a cost saving and allows the local government to fully cover their city without multiple rollouts, ensuring economic growth in all areas. Wytec Cities will work with the carriers to ensure the technology is up to their standards and provides the same coverage as their own Smart Cells.

The LPN-16 is the backbone of a Smart City because it provides access to the cellular network a city needs to function. We do not provide the network for the LPN-16 but rather work with the major carriers to bring their networks to your city, faster. Traditionally, carriers invest in their own equipment and then work with municipalities to lease sites to host their network equipment. With 5G coming up quickly, there is a delay for each carrier to design and implement their own technology to host their individual networks. The LPN-16 cuts this time in half, providing the 5G capable technology that can work with all carriers and is ready to be used now. This means cities and carriers and implement 4G, LTE, and 5G networks much faster than previously thought.

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