Smart Cities Start With a Smart Network

Innovation and collaboration is what America was built on. It’s in our DNA. Why shouldn’t our network be built the same?

We help carriers and municipalities work together to create a network that benefits them.

How Wytec’s Smart City Technology Works

See how our powerful Smart City Technology could upgrade your city. Works with all devices and all types of buildings.

The LPN-16 is installed on light
poles throughout your city.

Carriers come in and place their network chips into the LPN-16. This now enables the carriers to broadcast their 5G cellular signal across your city.

Your city can then install service channels – such as public safety or Wi-Fi– into the LPN-16 to integrate with the carrier channels.

Your city is now a Smart City able to take advantages of IoT devices, sensors, and 5G cellular networks with complete coverage.

Building Smart Cities

Smart Cities Rely on Carriers and Cities

The future of Smart Cities relies heavily on networks that can not only handle large data flows from sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT) devices to help cities make smarter decisions, but it also relies on providing complete coverage to all parts of a city and easy integration with city public safety communication channels and public Wi-Fi. Instead of building separate technology and trying to integrate ad hoc, Wytec Cities has developed patented technology that allows both carriers and city officials to integrate needed technology at once, without friction.

Why Wytec

Founded by industry veterans in the telcomm industry, Wytec Cities was born from a vision of revolutionizing already used architecture within cities to allow carriers and municipalities to access 5G networks to create Smart Cities. The LPN-16 is the only patented technology which allows all carriers to quickly implement 5G networks with huge cost savings and provides municipalities the control and coverage to access 5G networks and integrate their services. By working with both the city and carriers, Wytec Cities can quickly turn any city into a Smart City.


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