Cities going digital in response to COVID-19

As we all know, our regular day-to-day has changed as COVID-19 continues to escalate on a global scale. Governments, local authorities, and business are currently working on digitalizing as many aspects of their operations as possible to ensure the public is limited to outside exposure. The World Health Organization (WHO) also emphasizes that COVID-19 brings up the very problematic issue of misinformation from untrusted sources. As a result from this so called ``infodemic`` comes confusion and unnecessary added panic from the general public. The issue is currently being addressed by all levels of authorities to make certain that only reliable information is being delivered on the subject. City officials around the world are working on alternative communicative solutions such as automated chatbots that will deliver important information to residents via text or web. Technology is and will continue to play a vital role in how we combat the current pandemic we face as a society today.

Texas AG supports America in the 5G race

Texas Attorney General supports America in the 5G race and the benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Commercial deployment on CBRS should be good for WISPs

The FCC's recent decision of commercial deployment in the CBRS spectrum will be good news for wireless internet service providers but presents challenges.

Wytec Named In Best Tech Startups In San Antonio

Also honored in: 2018 Best Tech Startups in San Antonio, Wytec International is a premier developer of wireless network services to the telecommunications industry.

Smart Cities and Mobility: A Look to 2049 and What the Future May Hold

Will driving yourself soon become overrated? See what innovative initiatives are being taken to take us one step closer into the future of transportation and mobility.

Full deployment of new CBRS Band

The CBRS Alliance, celebrates the authorization of Full Commercial Deployment (FCD) of OnGo service in the 3.5 GHz CBRS band, announced by the Federal Communications Commission on January 27.

Wytec aims to upend MVNO industry with CBRS small cells

A small firm based in San Antonio, Texas, wants to upend the MVNO industry in the U.S. so that cable operators are able to compete on par with mobile carriers.

My first CBRS VoLTE call!

Wytec placed a VoLTE call from its first CBRS site! The recipient shares his excitement.

Wytec Offers 5G MVNO Services to Cable Operators

Wytec offers plan to allow cable operators to compete on par with US mobile carriers in 5G services.

Cable MVNOs are beginning to hurt US cellular

U.S. Cellular is the first big wireless carrier to acknowledge that cable company MVNOs are “putting pressure on its business”.

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